Streamline online ordering for your brand and your customers. Maximized convenience powered by Lunch Counter. Are You A Restaurant/Café? Take control of your lunch time!

Boost Your Time Management

Maximized Convenience
Enhance your lifestyle by taking control of your schedule
Improve Time Management
No long line surprises when you show up at your favorite restaurant.
Save Time for Better Use
Regain control of your day, stop wasting time ordering, and waiting for lunch.

Enhance Your Ordering System

Breakaway from the traditional way of food ordering. Maximize the ordering efficiency of your restaurant. Optimize your kitchen workflow by quickly taking orders and knowing the performance of your product.
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Maximize Ordering Efficiency
Make use of a quicker ordering process for your customers, helping them aid in your growth.
Optimize Workflow
Real improvement comes only after knowing what aspects are lacking in your workflow. Lunch Counter Vendor app will provide you real data to help you grow and improve your efficiency.
Product Improvement
By knowing the data points behind your menu items, you know the performance of each item. You will have the chance to improve your menu to attract more customers.
Lunch Counter

We’ve established partnerships with partners all over the US.

We have built great partnerships with office buildings and management companies to build and improve the current work environment experience. Our partners and Lunch Counter are dedicated to creating a more exclusive experience for all employees across the world.

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